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So the adventure beginsFuji 4900z @ 9.7 mm, 1/400 sec, f/6.3, ISO 400

Time to get this blog started. It’s a photoblog, so don’t expect the text to do much more than just explain the pictures.

I picked this picture to kick off the blog with as it was the first picture with a digital camera that I was really happy with. Not sure I’d be as pleased with it today, but it convinced me that it was time to abandon film.

The photo was taken at Sundborn, Sweden on 6/26/2001 during my honeymoon (week). This photo is taken just outside the place where Carl Larsson (Sweden’s most famous painter) lived. This place is so beautiful that it feels that it’s posing for a photograph all the time.

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  1. Very nice pic. Peaceful. Good job.

  2. Thank you for the appreciative comment Tre, and thanks for visiting.

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